60 to 60


A Mission:  To Honor … Inspire… & Ruck to Remember

May 26 – Friday (Mission Check In) * Required for all 60 to 60 Team members / Optional for Final Mile Team members

Team Hotel / Packet Pick Up – Hyatt Centric – 1325 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209

(1600 – 1900) Pre Mission Check In (required) & Team Meet & Greet:  You will receive Your Mission T Shirt Here (Final Mile Team Members can pick up here or Monday morning)

(1900) Mission Briefing

60 Mile Mission:

May 27 – Saturday 

RP: Iwo Jima War Memorial – 1 Memorial Drive Arlington, VA (Dressed in Mission T shirt, tan pants & Gear)
(0430) Mission Briefing & Load for Bus Movement
(0700) Arrival @ Harpers Ferry WV – Staggered Team Launch (0.0 m)
(0930) RT 9 (Key’s Gap – App Trail head/picnic area) Rest Stop (6.0 m)
(1500) Arrival @ Purcellville VA (21.5 m)
(1600) Hosted Dinner – Mission BBQ

(1800) Gear/Sleep area prep

(1900) Stories of Valor

(2200) Rest/Sleep

Sunday – May 28
Purcellville Volunteer Fire Station, Purcellville VA
(0430) Reveille – clean up & pack up
(0600) Team Staggered Launch
(0900) Catoctin / WOD crossing Rest Stop (29.5 m)
(1215) Ashburn Volunteer Fire House Rest Stop (35.5 m)
(1430) Arrival at Old Ox Brewery (Half Time) (39 m)
(1800) Full Team Movement to Extraction Point
(1830) Arrival at Extraction Point / load busses (40 m)
(1900) Vehicle Movement to Vienna Town Green
(2000) Staggered Team Launches
(2300) Team Rally Point for Full Team Movement (43 m)

(0200)  5/29 – Estimated 60 to 60 Team(s) arrival to Iwo Jima (54)

May 29 – Monday (Memorial Day – Final Miles)
Iwo Jima War Memorial – Arlington VA
(0330) Final Mile Team Members Arrival to Iwo Jima War Memorial
(0400) Final Mile & 60 Mile Team Up / Stories of Valor
(0430) Stories of Valor
(0545) Depart on Final Mile (Full Team Movement)
(0630) National War Memorials Movement (55 m)
(0900) Final Movement from WWII to ANC
(0930) Completion outside visitors center (59 m)
(1000) Final (SILENT) Mile to Section 60 (60 m)


WO&D (trail) Crossing Points of View
Family and Friends are welcomed to come cheer you along the mission route – below are crossing points where the team will be coming through (Sunday May 28): Note, times are subject to change based on mission and logistic requirements.

Hamilton Station Rd (0745)
Charles Town Pike (0720)
9:00 am Catoctin Circle Leesburg VA (break)
Harrison St. SE. (0945)
Clairborne Pkway (1130)
1215– Ashburn Rd/Ashburn Fire & Rescue Station 6 – Lunch on Trail for Athletes
1500 – Old Ox Brewery / Rock to Remember SOV Event


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60 Mile Mission – Required Gear

Ruck/Back Pack (Tactical or Practical) – must be worn on your back at all times

Water –  A Camelbak type system (i.e, source, blackhawk) must be able to carry 200 oz in total and be refillable (most Team members use 2 – 100 oz bladders) and secure them in their Ruck.

Sleeping system – you will have a chance Saturday night to get some rest – this is outside in a grassy field – note, year after year we advose people of the cold and wet grass – being able to get sleep here will go a long way for you to complete the mission. We recommend a Sleeping bag, earth mat or something that will keep your body from direct contact with the ground and preferably warm & waterproof.  Tents are not allowed due to space constraints.  We do however, recommend Bivies. 

USG issued ID (Valid Drivers license, or walking card) due to safety requirements and problems in past years (folks walking off and quitting)– You will be asked to turn your ID into our Red Team / HQ OPS – If you decide not to continue on the mission – or at the point we all complete the mission your ID will be given back to you.

Cash – You will have a chance to stop and purchase resources along the way – sometimes it’s just enough to keep you on mission.

Head Lamp w/white lens – this will be used on all night movements – and trust us, we have a long night movement.

Tan/Khaki Pants i.e., Cargo,Hiking, Performance – Only PANTS ARE PERMITTED – NO SHORTS.

Personal First Aid kit (Must be marked and accessible by a TL or Teammate in the event of an emergency) Kit must also include a Cold Pack.

FOOT CARE KIT – In years past this was under recommended gear, but its paramount each Athlete bring a kit to address potential foot problems, i.e., blisters, hot spots, etc. Your Team Leader is always prepared to help you with foot care – so on that note have some body wipes to clean your feet (they are good for other areas too).

Green Chem Lights / Glow Sticks (can be battery operated) but be able to last 24 hours (these are also good to mark your gear in the dark).

SOCKs SOCKs SOCKs – They will feel like a shower for your feet – bring at least 2 pair or as many as you want. Most TL’s carry 6 pair.

FOOD – There are 2 meals provided (Saturday PM & Sunday Afternoon) everything else you should prepare for.  Note, provided meals are an added value resource but may not fill you up!!! The meals are usually BBQ or Pizza – if you can’t tolerate any of those – please be sure to pack enough food – and the food you want to eat. You will want snacks along the way (see more under Prep tips below).


FINAL MILES: Gear List (for the folks meeting us at Iwo early Monday Morning)

Back pack w/Water Supply – camelback or even a few water bottles in a small pack will work – must be able to carry 100 oz of water.

Tan/Khaki Pants i.e., Cargo,Hiking, Performance – Only PANTS ARE PERMITTED – NO SHORTS.

US Issued ID (drivers license, walking card etc)


Recommended Gear

Back up batteries for anything requiring them, e.g., phone, music etc.

Cell Phone (know how to water proof if you bring it) but we like it when Athletes tweet, snapchat, instagram and FB their journey with #60to60

HeadPhones – You may like your music but your teammates may not!

Extra cash – we will have plenty of breaks and stopping points

Pocket knife/multi-purpose tool



Body glide

Compression gear


EXTRA Weight

Every year we have folks asking about extra weight requirements – this was a cool way to honor a fallen brother or sister but year after year we saw folks having to dump their meaningful weight – some times a precious memory in order to make the mission – the Safety Vehicle will not be able to retain Team Athlete gear at any time – so if you bring it you carry it or trash it.   Examples of extra weight are bricks, weighted plates, sand pills etc.


Route Overview – (click maps to enlarge) Check back before arriving to make sure you are aware of changes should they occur.

60 Mile:

Day 1: Shenandoah, WV, United States. The route has a total ascent of 2606.58 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,641.4 ft. This phase of movement will carry you approximately 21.45 miles.


Day 2: Leesburg, VA, United States. The route has a total ascent of 601.91 ft and has a maximum elevation of 638.55 ft. This phase of movement will carry you approximately 19.38 miles.


Phase 3- Day 2/3: Dunn Loring, VA. The route has a total ascent of 369.74 ft and has a maximum elevation of 455.84 ft.This phase of movement will carry you approximately 11.41 miles.


MEMORIAL DAY FINAL MILES : Washington D.C.The route has a total ascent of 324.55 ft and has a maximum elevation of 158.5 ft.This phase of movement will carry you approximately 6 miles


Participants, friends and family are encouraged to support our event remembering our nation’s heroes.  All donations are managed through a third party, Crowdrise, to ensure they reach this year’s charitable organization.


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