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What is the


The Ruck to Remember’s mission is to Honor, those that sacrifice all & Empower & Inspire our Veteran community coming home wearing the wounds of war.

Every year, over Memorial Day weekend – Our Mission is to raise awareness while Never Forgetting the sacrifices made.

60 to 60:  is a 60 mile Mission, that traverses over the Appalachian Trail, then down through Virginia where the Team links up with the Final Miles Team to complete the Annual Ruck to Remember.  The 60 to 60 is our hallmark event and though arduous, its symbolizes the sacrifice, endurance and show of force of our military.




Final Miles:  This 8 mile movement, starting before the sunrises on Memorial Day morning from the Iwo Jima War Memorial in Arlington VA, traverses down through the National War Memorials, during sunrise, for a final movement over Memorial Bridge and to Arlington National Cemetery.   The Mission ends with a Silent Final Mile movement down to Section 60 and or any section you may want to visit.


Why Civilians & Veterans Ruck to Remember

Angela Emily – Civilian Patriot

Kevin Yenowine – Marine Combat Veteran

For most of my days I have been looking to find something on memorial day to honor the men and women who gave up everything. I have been in parades, flag presentations, honor guard details before but….. I felt like I needed to give something more still. I had almost a sick feeling at the end of the day with a side guilt to boot. This mission of the “Ruck To Remember” revived and replenished me! Watching the pain of these athletes participating and the will to keep pushing fwd inspired me. The war time stories of the warriors; David Dial, Kevin Yenowine, Bo Miller, Jay Long in my group was amazing. Also the personal time I had with myself reflecting on the people I was honoring from my father, a Ptsd Marine who took his life, injured Marines and fallen Marines to a 9-11 FDNY fireman who perished that sad day. As we passed through the memorials ;WW2, Vietnam, Korea I shed many tears. Tears of pain and sacrifice they gave so i may live free and safe but also tears of joy as they washed away all the guilt I felt over 42 years of not giving more on such a well deserved day. Great job to you and the crew

Matthew Wiatrowcki

I do the 60 to 60 because those we honor by rucking 60 miles to never forget, can’t. For me it means that I am able to carry on generations of “forever gratitude” my family has for those who lost their lives liberating my parents from Japanese Concentration Camps in Indonesia. The unselfish acts of the many brave men and women of the Armed Forces is the reason I am here today. It’s the reason my brothers and their children, my sister, my parents are here today. I will never ever forget and am eternally grateful. When I say never forget, the message is also to teach my children to never forget where they came from and to always honor and respect the military. Setting an example and continuing to discuss history, my wife and I hope will teach our children an important message, “Freedoms we have are not Free.” I hope my children will one day participate in future Ruck to Remember(s). How cool would that be if 20 years from now, all of our children participate in the Ruck to Remember – keeping the mission moving forward

Dennis Schmid

I like the optics no big flashy LOOK AT ME… but lots of history, heritage and honor. I like the physical commitment and I like the personal relationships your organization works to build between its participants, the support team and of course the Gold Star Families/Wounded Warriors and Caregivers.  This may be a little philosophic, but I believe that as long as a name is still spoken the memory and spirit of the person is kept alive in our hearts and mind. I believe they are on the other side and our remembrance of them brings them peace. That is what it means to me. I know in my heart if the men and women we recognize were walking this earth theyd participate in R2R, so I do it for them and it means I’m doing my part.

Jay Bee

Charitable Operation

Not only is this mission to remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, but mission warriors also commit to a charitable donation as well for the event.  Sponsors and participants each pledge funds that go towards a A+ Veteran Charity’s mission to Honor, Empower and Remember those that gave and sacrificed for this Country.

  • Mission Funds Raised Since 2011 $179,312