60 to 60


60 to 60

A Grueling Mission Of Endurance

To Honor & Remember 

What is 60 to 60

Most Could Never Complete This Mission But If You're Reading This - We Know You Can


What Is Required - How Should I Should I Prepare


More Smiles Then Miles


All Times & Locations (RPs) Are Subject To Change Based On Mission Requirements


You Don't Have to Hike 60 Miles To Be Part of Our Mission To Honor & Remember


Required Gear

Ruck/Back Pack: (Tactical or Practical) – must be worn on your back at all times while on movement

Water: A bladder system is recommended and system must be able to carry 200 oz in total and be refillable (most Team members use 2 – 100 oz bladders) and secure them in their Ruck.  Note.  You will not be able to take part in the mission if you do not have the ability to store 200 oz of water. 

Tan/Khaki Hiking Pants:  You are required to wear Tan/Khaki hiking/endurance pants during the entire mission.  This allows for uniformity permitting the show of force we display each year. 

Sleeping System: You will have a chance Saturday evening to get some rest  (outside) We recommend a sleeping bag, earth mat or something that will keep your body from direct contact with the ground and preferably warm & waterproof.  Tents are not allowed due to space constraints.  We do however, authorize 1 person tent/bivie. 

USG Issued ID: (Valid Drivers license, or walking card) due to safety requirements, you will be asked to turn your ID into your assigned Team Leaders.  If you decide not to continue on the mission – or at the point we all complete the mission your ID will be given back to you.

Cash: You will have a chance to stop and purchase resources along the way – sometimes it’s just enough to keep you on mission.

Head Lamp w/White Lens: This will be used on all night movements – and trust us, we have a long night movement.

Tan/Khaki Pants i.e., Cargo,Hiking, Performance – Only PANTS ARE PERMITTED – NO SHORTS. These will be worn at all times while on mission. 

Personal First Aid Kit: (Must be marked and accessible by a TL or Teammate in the event of an emergency) Kit must also include a 3 cold packs/presses.

FOOT CARE KITIn years past this was under recommended gear, but its paramount each Athlete bring a kit to address potential foot problems, i.e., blisters, hot spots, etc. Your Team Leader is always prepared to help you with foot care – so on that note have some body wipes to clean your feet (they are good for other areas too).

Green Chem Lights: / Glow Sticks (can be battery operated) but be able to last 24 hours (these are also good to mark your gear in the dark too).

SOCKs We only make this a requirement - because its common sense on a long hike. They will feel like a shower for your feet – bring at least 2 pair or as many as you want. Most TL’s usually carry 6 pair.

FOODThere are 2 meals provided (Saturday PM & Sunday Afternoon) everything else you should prepare for.  Note, provided meals are an added value resource but may not fill you up!!! The meals are usually BBQ and or Pizza – if you can’t tolerate any of those – please be sure to pack enough food – and the food you want to eat. You will want snacks along the way 

Note:  You will be provided your 2019 Mission Shirt (at check-in) - this too must be worn for the entirety of the Mission.  Most 60 to 60 particpants purchase an extra shirt so they can change while on mission. 



Phase I - Mountain Phase 

Phase III - Night OP 

Phase II - W&OD  




Friday 5.24

RP:  TBD - Mission Check-In 

(1600)  Check-In Opens 

(1630)  Team Leader Meet & Greet &                        Social 

(1900)  Mission Briefing 


RP: Netherlands Carillon (0400)

(0430) Mission Briefing & Load Busses 
(0700) Arrival @ Harpers Ferry WV 
(0930) RT 9 (Key’s Gap) RP 
(1600) Arrival @ Purcellville VA (21.5 m)
(1700) Hosted Dinner 

(1800) Gear/Sleep area prep

(1900) Stories of Valor

(2200) Rest


RP: Purcellville Volunteer Fire Station

(0500) Reveille - Pack Up 
(0600) Team Staggered Launch
(0900) Catoctin / WOD crossing RP (29.5 m)
(1215) Ashburn Fire House RP (35.5 m)
(1430) Old Ox Brewery Meet & Greet (39 m)
(1800) Full Team Movement to Extraction 
(1830) Arrival @ RP - load busses (40 m)
(1900) Bus Movement to Vienna 
(1930) Staggered Team Launches
(2400) Team(s) arrive @ Iwo(54 m)


RP:  Iwo Jima War Memorial 

(0500) Final Milers Check - In 

(0600) Team Combine

(0630 Team Staggered Launch on FM

(0900) Stage / Relink at WWII 

(0930) Final Movement to ANC

* All Times Are Subject to Change 


Our paramount mission is raising awareness through a show of force.  However, we do ask all our official 60 to 60 Team Members of the to raise $500.  Many go way beyond.   You don't have to participate in the Ruck to be part of our mission.  Donate if you can but if not, help us raise awareness by sharing our mission with friends and family.  

If you are aTeam Member of the 2018 60 to 60 or just want to be part of the fundraising team for 2018, click  below & build your profile and begin Honoring those that gave all.  

100% of the funds raised go directly to the following charities.  Please visit  our partners charity's fundraising page to learn more to see how they share our Mission in Honoring, Empowering and Remembering all the sacrifices made.