About Us


Founded in 2010 the Ruck to Remember’s mission is to empower our nation’s heroes, coming home carrying with them the wounds of war, while forever HONORING & REMEMBERING those heroes that sacrificed all.  


The Ruck to Remember is an annual event that occurs over Memorial Day weekend with two events (distances) that make up our Mission to Honor and Remember what Memorial Day weekend is about. 


60 to 60

Is an intense, grueling 60 mile team hike, done with a hiking backpack / military "Ruck" sack and all your required gear (est. 30 lbs) over steep rugged terrain and down through the historic WO&D Trail of Northern Virginia as the mission continues on, moving to the Iwo Jima War Memorial to link up with the Final Miles Team In all completing a 60 mile journey of Remembrance.  


The Final Miles

Is the critical 6 mile movement, beginning at the Iwo Jima War Memorial, Memorial Day morning, then down through the National War Memorials.  The teams move as a team, in formation, representing the strong force of our Military and camaraderie of those who have served.  The movement itself is the show of force that serves to Honor and Remember all those that sacrificed all, as the movement moves over Memorial Bridge and into Arlington National Cemetery. 

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