Another Fantastic Sponsor You Should Know About!

As our event has grown over the past several years Chariots for Hire has been a tremendous help in getting our athletes to where they need to be. Their customer services is excellent and their ability to be flexible with our mostly fluid event has made dealing with transportation easy. We would encourage anyone in the local area who is thinking about taking a wine / brew tour or anyone who needs to bus people around for family or corporate events to choose Chariots for Hire. You won't be disappointed in this very veteran friendly local business! Here is a peak at who they are Nearly a decade ago a small group of six friends pooled their money and bought a 10 passenger black limousine. With t

Our Sponsors Are Bad ASS!

If you've ever managed an event / fund raised / or campaigned, you know how instrumental sponsorship is. I'd like to take just a few minutes to introduce one of our outstanding sponsors without whom we would be less of an event. Year after year they enhance our effort and provide a great space, beer, comradery, and support to bring awareness and empowerment. Get to Know Them! (Click Here) Just to give you some perspective, each batch we brew will produce 930 gallons of beer. That is enough for 9,920 12-oz. cans of beer or a little over 413 cases of beer per batch. Their beer is on draft in many restaurants and in on the shelves in stores in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Of

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