Somber Movement To Their Final Resting Place

The Final - Most Important Miles

6 Miles Starting At Sunrise OnMemorial Day Morning.


Be Ready For Your Most Memorable Memorial Day


Where / When


You Don't Have to Hike to Honor Them


- Most Important Miles 


The Final Miles Are The Most Important Miles.  Together We Bring A Show Of Force Through The National Mall & Through The War Memorials & Finally Over Memorial Bridge, Ending At Arlington National Cemetery.   Final Mile Participants Join The Participants From The 60 to 60 & Together, Complete The Mission To Honor & Remember on Memorial Day Morning. 


Experience The True Meaning Of Memorial Day mission By Honoring, Remembering & Never Forgetting the Sacrifices made.  



Ruck/Back Pack: (Tactical or Practical) – Covering 6 miles, you won't need a large pack, but you will want to blend in and you never know if you will have the oppertunity to help out a fellow team mate with carrying some of their gear during the final trek. 

Water: A bladder type system is recommended, but provided you have a couple bottles of water you will be fine.  

USG Issued ID: Required at Check-in. 

Head Lamp w/White Lens: We step off just before sunrise.  The white lens is mainly a safety precaution as we move in the early morning hours. 

Green Chem Light: / Glow Stick attached to your pack (again a safety precaution). 

Note:  You will receive your Mission T-shirt at Check-in.  You are required to wear this shirt and tan/khaki (hiking) pants when you check in.  You are invited to attend the Mission Check-In on Friday (Please see the 60 to 60 Schedule) to collect or shirt.  If not, please plan to arrive a bit early Monday morning to get your shirt.  



Monday 5.25

Times are subject to change based on Operational Outpost (times are local) 

  • 0730 - Final Miles Check In 

  • 0800 - Team Muster 

  • 0805 - Staggered Launch 

  • 0815 - Team movements 

  • 1030 - Mission Complete 

Note - Due to Covid-19 we will complete the mission in small teams with a safe/required distance in between.  In your Outpost is in a State that requires PPE (Face mask) this must be part of your packing list. 



Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are not requesting Mission Donations. 

However, you can support the Mission to Honor and the Ruck to Remember by signing up for the Virtual Warrior Walk.  You will receive a Mission T-Shirt and you will wear the shirt Monday, Memorial Day morning - if not nearly every day after to Honor The Mission!   


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