What is selection

Selection is only applicable to the 60 to 60 Memorial Day Weekend Event.   

Our Selection process is simple & implemented to ensure participants understand the severity and level of difficulty with the 60 to 60 Mission.   Our priority is your safety and ability to accomplish the mission.   In the end, completing the mission with the team - enabling our strategy to Honor & Remember our Veterans with a Show of Force. 

If you have completed the 60 to 60 or any of our other qualifying events - you don't have to submit for Selection again.  

To submit for 60 to 60 Selection email us a brief Mission Statement.   This is a narrative of your ability to complete this grueling mission of remembrance - 60 miles, over rugged terrain, in inclement and often hot/humid weather.   Please include your name, location, and any description where you have pushed your mind and body beyond its limits, (e.g., Marathons, Ultras, Military Service).  Any qualifying information we can use to validate and select you to be part of the team!   

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