Another Fantastic Sponsor You Should Know About!

As our event has grown over the past several years Chariots for Hire has been a tremendous help in getting our athletes to where they need to be. Their customer services is excellent and their ability to be flexible with our mostly fluid event has made dealing with transportation easy. We would encourage anyone in the local area who is thinking about taking a wine / brew tour or anyone who needs to bus people around for family or corporate events to choose Chariots for Hire. You won't be disappointed in this very veteran friendly local business!

Here is a peak at who they are

Nearly a decade ago a small group of six friends pooled their money and bought a 10 passenger black limousine. With the belief that a side transportation business would be popular amongst friends for weddings, nights out on the town or sporting events, the young entrepreneurs began renting and driving the limo, soon realizing they had hit a niche that was thirsty for competition.

Over the past decade, Chariots For Hire became a recognized leader in transportation and an icon for those interested in Washington DC’s nightlife and tourism. Their fleet of chariots comprises one of the Nation’s largest and most diverse. In 2009 Chariots For Hire chauffeured the highest number of wine lovers to dozens of local Virginia wineries. Thorough training of all trip advisers, dispatch managers and over 150 certified and licensed chauffeurs, ensures that each ride with Chariots becomes a superb experience.

Visit therm and read more about a great company! CLICK HERE

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